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Basic Info

Model No.: SNV-308.1

Product Description

Overhead  Type  Short Sircuit and Ground Fault Indicator


SNV Indicators suitable for overhead lines with a 50KV below four remotes short circuit &Earth fault indicator, through measuring the current of a cable, to judge the fault on the power lines according to the change of current, grounding fault, and the fault state, real time current, battery voltage and other information is uploaded to the remote server, which provides reliable data for the various types of fault diagnosis and location of overhead lines


l real-time sampling of current per cycle;       

l ultra low power real-time sampling;

l When line current value≧5A,CT can supply meet the indicator power requirement

l Sampling accuracy5-20A±1.5A,20-800A±3%

l Sensor factory automatic calibration, to ensure consistency;

l intelligent motor control flop;

l Support remote, telemetry, remote control, remote adjust;

 Function character

a. real time measurement of three-phase on line current;

b. Detection and judgment of short circuit fault;

a) support the determination of the set threshold, fault current, short circuit fault;

b) supports the determination of a set of mutated incremental currents for short-circuit faults;

c) supports the determination of the percentage of short circuit faults that can be set by the percentage of mutated currents;

d) support for reclosing identification;

c. Detection and judgment of ground fault;

d. Data Upload function;

a) periodically upload real-time online current, zero sequence current, and battery voltage;

b) Upload the fault status, the fault elimination status and the fault current value in real time;

e. Parameter setting

a) Available to change the parameter setting through Web server.

b) Available to change and set the parameter though remote setting control PDA;

c) Support RS232 port for parameter modification and maintenance;

f. Support setting controller (PDA)

a) Available reading and change setting parameter;

b) PDA can read Indicator sensor state , Real time line current, battery voltage data.

c) PDA can simulate the online fault test through setting Indicator`s parameter.

g. Intelligent motor control flop to red flag;

h. Six three-color fault indicating led;(red, green, blue)

i. One yellow state led light;

j. Support line CT power charge for battery;

k. Support timing reset, power on auto reset, remote reset;

l. can be efficiently mounted and unloaded;

m. The structure parts are made of antirust and anticorrosion material;

n. In waking up state(wireless setting model),During 7 minutes, without operate, there will be auto reset.(Tips: in waking up state, FI prohibited fault test)

Function display

Flag state

1) Normally, Flag is on blanket position. Every 3hour, Flag will reset one times for avoiding un fault turn to red flag.

2) When short circuit fault happen, it will turn to red flag state; After reach reset time or when the line current restore, Fault indicator will turn back to blanket state;

3) when the earth fault happen, it will turn to red flag state. It will be automatically turn back blanket state when line power off and current restore, or wait until reach reset time.


Fault indicating Led light:

1) short circuit permanent fault indicating: Six 3-color led will shine red color, and four times, every 2 second,And turn to red flag at same time.

2) short circuit temporary fault indicating: Six 3-color led will shine green color, and four times, every 2 second,And turn to red flag at same time.

3) Earth Fault indicating:Six 3-color led will shine Blue color, and four times, every 2 second. And turn to red flag at same time.


yellow state Led light:

Battery voltage too low:Shine 1 time, every2second

Battery voltage low:  shine 2 time, evey2second

Wireless setting state:   shine 4 times, every 2 second