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Product Description

Fault Indicator Wireless Communication Terminal

Interconnection between devices



SNV series overhead type Fault Indicator system is based on the Sensor that through CT get the (10KV-50KV) line`s current signal, through smart computer chip by program calculating, Analysis ,judge the short circuit or ground fault. When Sensor detect the fault happen, then the Fault indicator warn the manager through turn red flag, and shine red led. It is good for power managing user to find the fault happen reason and place, then fast solve the problem and make the power restore.

SNV Fault Indicator with the aid of the professional control terminal equipment and Web server, it can achieve to remote read and manage the Fault indicator state on times.

There are two channels for reading and managing the remote fault indicators. One is through GSM mobile phone SMS command control. Second is user computer software control. Power managing user, can get the fault indicator information on times 


  Control terminal is use for the communication between the fault indicator , GPS satellite and web server or user GSM mobile phone. There need insert a SIM card with GPRS and GSM function.

  First,  Fault indicator will auto upload information to Control Terminal real time through 433M wireless communication..

  Second, When user use mobile phone, send SMS command to control terminal, then terminal will execute command and send Corresponding information to user mobile phone.

  Third, When the control accessed with web server, the terminal will upload all information to web sever. User can read and manage the all the accessed fault sensor state real time through run a professional software on computer. Computer required connected with internet.

   Fourth, GPS Function, when the terminal put outside, then the GPS antenna will connect with GPS satellite and terminal will get the GPS position, longitude and latitude value. 


Software system

Type :SNV10000  Software APP

SNV software is a professional APP use for reading and managing fault indicators.

User run the APP, then login and accessed with web sever. It is a convenient and intuitive interface. We can directly watch the current chart real time, and history current chart.

Then below is some of the software Page screenshot.